Ep 47 – Dads new hero, Stephen Bunting

A tough game Sunday brought about one of the best single performances we’ve seen sincEp 47 - Dads new hero Stephen Buntinge the likes of Lloydy and Lucas set up in our forward 50. And while it was a magnificent team effort, one can’t help but grin at the current form of our Jake “Buckets” Carlisle. We go review the game, argue about our no. 25, issue a challenge to the fringe midfielders floating under the radar as well as unleashing grumpy dad in one of his biggest tirades to date, and dad also lets us in on his new hero Stephen Bunting!!

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Who was our best No. 25

Ep 46 – Curtly

A win like that against the old enemy makes the working week go rather quickly! Ep 46 - CurtlyWe go through a great game by all players, dad pouts about who wins our best No.24 as well as reviewing a narrow loss for our VFL side. Dad gets grumpy about public transport and warns off any more bad press towards Bomba! He then declares his love for our West Indian Forward Pocket!

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Ep 45 – World Championship Wrestling

A magnificent win has put us in a buoyant mood this week. It was an away trip to remember as we Ep 45 - World Championship Wrestlingheld on to down the Power. And after experiencing my first Adelaide crowd I was left with envy (of the crowd) and pride (of the performance) as we showed amazing character and skill to hold them off until the final siren. We talk about the city of Adelaide, Port fans, Adelaide oval, a great victory for the VFL team as well as #grumpydad making a splash in the social media world!

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Who was our best No.24

Ep 44 – #grumpydad

Another disappointing result on Frida night as we seem to have let another one go right at the depth. Ep 44 - #grumpydadBut you cant help but love the guts of this group of players, each week they continue to impress. We discuss an incredible VFL match, NSE goes on tour to Adelaide. We decide to introduce a new segment thanks to a twitter follower’s suggestion and we present you with the full side (emergencies included) of the ‘Ones that got away’! The best 22 that we have lost that played more AFL/VFL football.

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Ep 43 – In Goddard we trust

A stoic victory made waste to a pretty rough week and it was good to see us play some prettyEp 43 - In Goddard we trust good football. While it shouldn’t have been such a test, in the end it was a good victory. We discuss the upcoming game against Geelong, a great win in the VFL, Radelaide supporters Tommy B, dads hereditary kicking with BJ and we’d like to congratulate the BomberBlitz team on a fantastic display with their #backourboys campaign. This is why we will thrive as a club, not just survive.

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